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Fresh Donuts made all day long...

Donut Shop Hours:

Monday       6am - 5pm

Tuesday       6am - 5pm

Wednesday 6am - 5pm

Thursday      6am - 5pm

Friday            6am - 5pm

Saturday       6am - 5pm

Sunday          6am - 3pm




Cafe & Deli Hours:

Monday       7am - 3pm

Tuesday       7am - 3pm

Wednesday 7am - 3pm

Thursday      7am - 3pm

Friday            7am - 3pm

Saturday       7am - 3pm

Sunday          7am - 3pm

Farm Fresh Ingredients

We work with local farmers to purchase fresh ingredients and also to reduce our carbin footprint.  (we donate our left ovre food to local pig farms, cardboard to the Show Low community gardens and any other items that can be used on a farm and help reduce landfill growth)

Build Your Own

We try to keep a wide variety of donuts on hand for you to choose from. However, if we dont have it we will make it right in front of you.

Our Goal!

We have several organic items in our kitchen and all our greens are superfoods.  So, you can feel better about what you are eating.  Our private label coffee is also organic and certified sustainable.  Our Deli line is completely made up of all natural meats and cheeses. (No antibiotics, hormones, or preservatives) 

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